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When students decide how to display data and go through the steps to create that display, they learn which type of graphs are useful in displaying the different types of data, and the advantages and disadvantages of each display.
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Mathematics (5,018)
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Mathematics Education Month (265)
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What Is It?

People collect , display, and analyze data to describe social or physical phenomena in the world around them. After collecting and organizing data, the next step is to display it in a manner that makes it easy to read—highlighting similarities, disparities, trends, and other relationships, or the lack of, in the data set. After this, the final step of analysis can occur. The methods students use to display data as they move through the primary and intermediate grades include making tables, charts, bar graphs, line graphs, pictographs, circle graphs, and line plots. Students in middle and high school also create histograms, box-and-whisker-plots, scatterplots, and stem-and-leaf plots.

When students decide how to display data and go through the steps to create that display, they learn which type of graphs are useful in displaying the different types of data, and the advantages and disadvantages of each display. They also learn how a graph may be selected and manipulated to misrepresent the data-for example, by choosing intervals along an axis that make a line graph seem to go up or down precipitously or make the differences between bars on a bar graph seem to be very great or very small.

It is important for teachers to highlight ways in which different representations of the same data can convey different information and to emphasize the importance of selecting representations suited to the particular mathematical tasks at hand (Moschkovich, Schoenfeld, and Arcavi 1993).

Students' experiences in displaying data should progress from the concrete, to the pictorial, to the abstract. When creating bar graphs, for example, they may progress from using objects, such as blocks or pieces of candy, to using sticky notes, to creating single-bar graphs, to using a color key to identify different bars of a double-bar graph. From the beginning, students should learn to label graphs with a title, the labels for each axis (x and y), the units of analysis (e.g., feet, meters, dollars) and how to create a key. Over time, students should learn the names of the different parts of different graphs.

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Human rhinoviruses (HRVs) are common respiratory pathogens associated with mild upper respiratory tract infections, but also increasingly recognized in the aetiology of severe lower respiratory tract disease. Wider use of molecular diagnostics has led to a recent reappraisal of HRV genetic diversity, including the discovery of HRV species C (HRV-C), which is refractory to traditional virus isolation procedures. Although it is heterogeneous genetically, there has to date been no attempt to classify HRV-C into types analogous to the multiple serotypes identified for HRV-A and -B and among human enteroviruses. Direct investigation of cross-neutralization properties of HRV-C is precluded by the lack of methods for in vitro culture, but sequences from the capsid genes (VP1 and partial VP4/VP2) show evidence for marked phylogenetic clustering, suggesting the possibility of a genetically based system comparable to that used for the assignment of new enterovirus types. We propose a threshold of 13% divergence for VP1 nucleotide sequences for type assignment, a level that classifies the current dataset of 86 HRV-C VP1 sequences into a total of 33 types. We recognize, however, that most HRV-C sequence data have been collected in the VP4/VP2 region (currently 701 sequences between positions 615 and 1043). We propose a subsidiary classification of variants showing > 10% divergence in VP4/VP2, but lacking VP1 sequences, to 28 provisionally assigned types (subject to confirmation once VP1 sequences are determined). These proposals will assist in future epidemiological and clinical studies of HRV-C conducted by different groups worldwide, and provide the foundation for future exploration of type-associated differences in clinical presentations and biological properties.

Citation information in Europe Pubmed Central

Human parvovirus 4 infections are primarily associated with parenteral exposure in western countries. By ELISA, we demonstrate frequent seropositivity for antibody to parvovirus 4 viral protein 2 among adult populations throughout sub-Saharan Africa (Burkina Faso, 37%; Cameroon, 25%; Democratic Republic of the Congo, 35%; South Africa, 20%), which implies existence of alternative transmission routes.

Citation information in Europe Pubmed Central

Infections with human parvoviruses B19 and recently discovered human bocaviruses (HBoVs) are widespread, while PARV4 infections are transmitted parenterally and prevalent specifically in injecting drug users and hemophiliacs. To investigate the exposure and circulation of parvoviruses related to B19 virus, PARV4, and HBoV in nonhuman primates, plasma samples collected from 73 Cameroonian wild-caught chimpanzees and gorillas and 91 Old World monkey (OWM) species were screened for antibodies to recombinant B19 virus, PARV4, and HBoV VP2 antigens by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). Moderate to high frequencies of seroreactivity to PARV4 (63% and 18% in chimpanzees and gorillas, respectively), HBoV (73% and 36%), and B19 virus (8% and 27%) were recorded for apes, while OWMs were uniformly negative (for PARV4 and B19 virus) or infrequently reactive (3% for HBoV). For genetic characterization, plasma samples and 54 fecal samples from chimpanzees and gorillas collected from Cameroonian forest floors were screened by PCR with primers conserved within Erythrovirus, Bocavirus, and PARV4 genera. Two plasma samples (chimpanzee and baboon) were positive for PARV4, while four fecal samples were positive for HBoV-like viruses. The chimpanzee PARV4 variant showed 18% and 15% nucleotide sequence divergence in NS and VP1/2, respectively, from human variants (9% and 7% amino acid, respectively), while the baboon variant was substantially more divergent, mirroring host phylogeny. Ape HBoV variants showed complex sequence relationships with human viruses, comprising separate divergent homologues of HBoV1 and the recombinant HBoV3 species in chimpanzees and a novel recombinant species in gorillas. This study provides the first evidence for widespread circulation of parvoviruses in primates and enables future investigations of their epidemiology, host specificity, and (co)evolutionary histories.

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Oct 20 2017

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Microservices architecture is a hot topic today. It has begun to challenge the traditional monolithic architecture and bring customers over to its side. Migrating to microservices is a common trend for many companies. It is driven by the modern market influences and demands: flexibility, agility, scalability, a quick reaction to changes and customer-centricity.

Actually, the hype surrounding microservices is worth noticing, as this architectural model offers to build a loosely coupled infrastructure with the best user experience. Thus, it can be a great fit for some businesses. But keep in mind that a non-monolithic system is not suitable for every use case. To remain monolithic or to migrate — that is the question. You should know the requirements adopting microservices in order to decide on the proper architecture for the system you are working on.

In this article, we will talk about the microservices architecture vs monolithic architecture , compare their main features, advantages and disadvantages . This will help you make a decision on which structure to choose for your enterprise.

Monolithic Architecture

What is monolithic architecture? Or, to be more precise, what is a monolith in the IT industry? Monolithic architecture is a software development pattern in which an application is created with a single codebase, a single build system, a single executable binary and multiple modules for business or technical features. Its components work together, share the same memory space and resources. From the definition of monolithic, it follows that a monolithic application is a cohesive unit of code.

This approach has been used for years to develop enterprise apps, as the industry was focused on desktop devices with browsers that didn’t requireapplication platform interfaces (APIs).

Almost any big and successful app we use today was started as a monolith, since this architecture works well at the initial stage of the project. Let’s define monolithic benefits .

In general, advantages of monolithic architecture imply simplicity in every aspect.

There are lots of websites with millions of visitors that were built as one large monolith. Some of them will probably continue working in this mode for a couple of years, but most of the companies are striving to split up their products into microservices. This is happening because of some significant disadvantages of the monolithic applications. The difficulties become particularly noticeable when the service and the team expand.

Performance Testing

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Why test a candidate's memorization ability when it's the hands on, practical skills that will affect his or her ability to perform the job at hand? Authentic Testing's Performance Testing gauges actual, real-world skills, presenting you with the best candidate data possible. Finishline For Sale Free Shipping Pre Order Chie Mihara Women 72306 Boots Size 3 UK G1tK8xb11w

Multiple Choice Testing

Familiar and relatively inexpensive to develop and score, multiple-choice, single-response questions are a reasonable way of testing knowledge and some skills. We motivate your subject-matter experts to generate the best questions while providing easy-to-follow advice on statistics and standards. Learn more.


Third-party accreditation is a powerful way of assuring stakeholders that your credentialing program meets exacting standards. We have a perfect track record of supporting certification programs with accreditation against ISO/IEC 17024 through the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and against NCCA standards through the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). Learn more.

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